Sell with us or through us to
gain new customers

We help vendors of cloud-based legal software drive discovery and
adoption by law firms and corporate legal departments.

Sell with us

Firms and law departments contracting directly with you can efficiently adopt and manage your applications through our platform – whether your solution is a SaaS or containerized offering.

Sell through us

We also enable on-platform purchases while our Domain Experts call on all of the top law firms globally, offering information and advice about available applications.

Vendor portal & support

We provide vendors with guidance and support including published standards and technical specifications, technical support for containerization, services automation and interoperability, an automated testing platform and marketing and sales support.

Ready to go in four steps

How It Works

Our four step process and dedicated support team
are designed to make it easy for vendors to come on our platform.


Contract with us

Reach out to speak or meet one of our vendor alliance managers. We’ll provide detailed documentation, market and technical guidance and work with you through the execution of our vendor agreement.


Work through our
curation services

Our curation services team helps you through a structured on-boarding process. Content you provide is supplemented with work we publish after sharing our due diligence with you.


Achieve certification

Once applicable requirements are met, and any downloadable software is successfully tested, we certify your products for inclusion on the platform.


Start selling with us
or through us

Through our vendor portal, you can publish priced service plans and permit sales to occur through the platform. Or you can keep your prices private and require law firms to negotiate directly with you off the platform.

Reynen Court Solution Store

Benefits to

  • Meet new prospects

    Meet law firms and legal departments and educate prospective buyers about you and your products through our application catalog.

  • Join once; sell to many

    Limit the number of times you complete the same compliance and security questionnaires by having you, your applications and your commercial terms thoroughly vetted once by us.

  • Mitigate objections

    Eliminate objections from security and compliance departments by making your software easily deployable to private clouds under control of your customers.

  • Save time & money

    Simplify development and save time and costs in deployments by eliminating traditional on-premises offerings and running each release of new containerized code through our automated testing services.

  • Be more flexible

    Increase on-demand and in-transaction adoption and usage by adopting in-platform sales and usage or performance-based subscription models.

  • Make it easy for your customers

    Make it easier for customers to manage your technology by enabling management of subscriptions, provisioning and telemetry through our platform.

  • Leverage interoperability

    Reduce the need for bespoke integrations by leveraging Reynen Court’s interoperability utilities.

Are you offering or developing
technology for the legal industry?

We look forward to exploring how we can
help grow your business.

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