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Reynen Court

“Reynen Court’s vision of a platform leveraging containerized software and private clouds will help many firms that have a high degree of sensitivity to security and data governance and wish to accelerate adoption of new innovative technologies.”

Tony Cordeiro

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Law Firms about Reynen Court

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“We see enormous potential in Reynen Court’s agenda to bring common standards and a set of universal utilities to an industry badly in need of greater interoperability.”

Bas Boris Visser Global Head of Innovation and Business Change

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"The team is building a powerful platform that is not only well-positioned to increase the uptake of new technologies, but in fact to foster innovations that can scale to firms’ needs.”

Ken Heaps CIO

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“We hear from our clients again and again that the adoption of legal technology is hindered by the resources needed to vet, pilot and contract for a new solution. The Reynen Court platform is designed to simplify these steps, accelerating our clients’ ability to leverage new technology – which is a win for all of us.”

Wendy Butler Curtis Chief Innovation Officer and Chair of eDiscovery & Information Governance Group

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“The COVID-19 public health crisis has demonstrated the importance of technology in the delivery of legal services. Our clients now expect digital dexterity and business agility from their legal service providers. We see Reynen Court as playing a critical role here, and we are thrilled to be partnering with a global leader in this field.”

Rob Morris, COO Chief Operating Officer

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“Keeping ahead of the curve when it comes to adopting innovative technologies is a strategic priority for our firm and Reynen Court is crucial in helping us arrive at adoption decisions quickly. From the initial requirements gathering through to pilot and deployment, Reynen Court is there each step of the way making every facet simple. Clients expect rapid evolution to meet ever-changing needs and Reynen Court is how we exceed expectations.”

Bill Koch Chief Knowledge Officer 

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Software Vendors about Reynen Court

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"As a fully integrated solution, Reynen Court has proved invaluable to our organization with client adoption. The ability for a trial/Test Drive to be conducted at the click of a button via a seamless and intuitive process has provided dealcloser with a unique platform for growth, and enabled clients to obtain an immediate insight into our market-leading transaction management platform.”

Amir Reshef CEO

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"Being part of Reynen Court’s platform that connects innovative legal technologies and law firms as well as legal departments is an enormous benefit for us - as an emerging AI startup - accelerating our ability to improve the legal industry by sharing our redaction software.“

Ramin Karbalaie CEO

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“DocsCorp believes it is essential that its current and every future client has access to its technology via the most trusted provider and platform – it is the client’s choice – Reynen Court has proven it is a trusted platform and DocsCorp is delighted to be partnering with them.”

Dean Sappey President and Co-founder

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“Reynen Court vetting our technology from a security and capability perspective, as well as providing the infrastructure for a quick and easy evaluation and procurement process, enables Wickr to get in front of prospective users and give them a quick and easy way of doing an evaluation. The legal industry can now take comfort in knowing that Wickr is the solution to their secure communication roadblocks and is trusted and embraced by Reynen Court.”

Scott McMillan SVP Global Sales & Ops

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“Reynen Court’s technical vision and architecture is exemplary in its use of state of the art dev ops technologies. Not only will this make adoption of diverse, innovative new solutions and technologies easier for organisations, but it ensures consistent, safe, secure and efficient implementations of these software solutions and services. Traditionally software implementations take far too long dealing with the complexities of the technology and the capacities within customer organisations to adopt. Now when using Reynen Court’s platform this should be a thing of the past!”

David Rivett COO and Co-founder

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Investors and Board Members about Reynen Court

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"Given the clear benefits of standardization for both buyers and sellers of legal technology, we believe in Reynen Court's potential to play a significant role in the modernization of the global legal industry. We have been closely watching legal tech's evolution globally and are convinced that the Reynen Court platform will accelerate an industry-wide adoption of AI & other next-gen technologies.”

Jean Bourcereau Partner

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"By accelerating the adoption of legal technology, Reynen Court has the potential to truly transform the legal industry for the benefit of law firms, their clients and society. Their timing seems incredibly right. The talent of the team together with the unique law firm support gives me high confidence they are on the path to creating an extraordinary company.”

Sylvia Khatcherian Former head of Morgan Stanley’s Technology, Privacy, IP and e-commerce Law Group and Deputy General Counsel at the world’s largest hedge fund

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“With unprecedented support from a consortium of twenty leading global law firms, Reynen Court is in a unique market-making position within the legal industry: to help surface emerging areas of technology demand and facilitate matching with the right modern technology."

Jae Um Former executive of Baker McKenzie and founder of Insights firm Six Parsecs

”Our customers’ success is our success.”

Andrew D. Klein
Founder and CEO

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