Accelerating adoption of cloud-based technologies for the legal industry

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Reynen Court makes it fast, easy and affordable for law firms and legal departments to adopt and manage modern cloud-based software applications without having to sacrifice security or stability.

Source Apps

Leverage curated content and powerful tools to save time and money in discovering, assessing and purchasing new technology.

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Run Anywhere

Easily deploy and run applications on infrastructure you trust, whether on your premises or in virtual private clouds under your control.

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Manage Services

Manage subscriptions and provisioning for all of your software assets through a single, easy-to-use control panel.

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Measure Everything

Access granular telemetry about the costs of automated services and associated infrastructure consumed on your matters and cases.

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Drive Interoperability

Accelerate interoperability between legal technology applications by implementing standard integrations, a robust data hub and other utilities.

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Foster Collaboration

Empower users to participate in sourcing and sharing expertise and experiences about new technology.

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Ready to use

Featured Solutions

Our product catalog includes software and services from
a broad collection of important legal tech vendors.

Unique Support

Law Firm Consortium

A consortium of leading global law firms supports the development
and launch of our platform. The consortium is chaired by Latham &
Watkins and Clifford Chance. Paul Weiss serves as vice-chair.

Corporate Legal Department Consortium

More recently we established a second consortium of
twenty two of the most important banks and global corporations
to collaborate with us and our law firm consortium.

11 firm names are available upon request
Ready to go in four steps

How It Works

Law firms and corporate legal departments can run and self-manage
the Reynen Court platform on premises or in a virtual private cloud they trust
or subscribe to our full-service offering and let us manage a private cloud
and application deployments for them.
 Getting started takes four easy steps.


Subscribe to platform

We license our platform to law firms and legal departments. A fixed annual fee covers unlimited use of all platform functionality and regular updates to our curated content.


Deploy platform
on premises or to
your virtual private cloud

Our platform is itself a containerized software application that deploys to your on-premises cloud or virtual private cloud you trust. We will never have access to your computing environment or data, unless explicitly authorized by you.


Configure platform for your infrastructure and organization

Once deployed, the platform is easily configurable for your infrastructure and organization. You can connect the platform to your private clouds and active directory and utilize single-sign on. Settings allow you to control which of your users see all or parts of the product catalog and who has authority to approve or purchase products and administer your private clouds and applications.


Source and run
third-party apps
from one platform

In no time at all you are ready to source and run third-party applications from one secure platform.

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Law Firms and Legal Departments

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adoption of new technology?

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Application Vendors

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targeting the legal industry?

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