Reduce from months to minutes the
time it takes to source and safely
deploy new technologies

From ways you handle matters and cases to how you run the business,
our platform will help modernize your legal practice.

Sourcing Legal Technology

Leverage curated content and powerful tools to save time and money.

  • Search and source available legal technology by product category, practice group, business purpose and underlying technology.
  • Understand features, benefits, implementation path, regional availability and expected total cost of ownership before committing to a pilot or full deployment.
  • Access valuable curated content about the product offerings, vendor compliance and application security.
  • Compare the vendor’s standard license agreement to a set of model terms and conditions reflecting contractual provisions large law firms generally achieve.
  • Instantly test drive pre-configured applications leveraging Reynen Court’s demo law firm virtual private cloud infrastructure and document libraries.
  • Purchase service plans for proof-of-concept pilots or full-scale deployments.
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Journey to the Cloud

Easily deploy and run cloud-based applications on infrastructure you trust.

  • Easily transition to using cloud-based software without sacrificing security, privacy or stability.
  • Deploy and use the latest cloud-native software in safe and segregated private cloud environments, either hosted on premises or in virtual private clouds provided by major cloud vendors (Azure, AWS, Google Cloud) under direct contract with you.
  • Leverage Reynen Court’s cloud-native infrastructure deployment automation to create multiple highly resilient compute, storage and network clusters that are hosted on premises or in your virtual private cloud accounts, enabling you to have fast access to testing, QA and production environments.
  • Use third-party software products that are only available in a cloud-based offering.
  • Get the benefit of comprehensive security and benchmark testing for every version of released software.
  • Enhance security and data protection by leveraging containerization to deploy multiple application instances to ensure client or project independence.
  • Reduce your infrastructure costs by utilizing Reynen Court’s automated multi-cloud orchestration system to optimize the distribution of your resources.
  • Monitor your resource health using our built-in monitoring tools and close integrations with industry leading tools such as Grafana and Prometheus.
  • Scale your private clouds to fit your stability and reliability needs.
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Subscriptions and Provisioning

Administer all of your software solutions through one secure platform.

  • See and manage all your cloud-native software or SaaS subscriptions in a single user-friendly control panel.
  • Register and manage existing software agreements/licenses as subscriptions, including desktop and server-based applications.
  • Centrally manage allocation of licenses and/or subscriptions to users.
  • Enable standardized SSO application access via your existing Microsoft AD/ADFS implementation.
  • Provision subscriptions to specific departments, clients and/or matters.
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Access granular telemetry about IT costs consumed on matters and cases.

  • View granular data about the cost and usage of applications and the infrastructure associated with running the applications.
  • Easily allocate costs to specific client and/or matter IDs.
  • Flow cost and usage data into your practice management and forecast tools.
  • Enable greater leverage of usage-based or performance-based subscription models.
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Accelerate interoperability between and among third-party applications.

  • Identify and access off-the-shelf integrations between and among legal technology applications.
  • Use Reynen Court’s state-of-the-art data hub to reduce the number of custom or bespoke point-to-point integrations required to make connections between other applications and your anchor systems (coming soon.)
  • Leverage easy-to-learn independent workflow engines and other universal utilities to drive greater usability and thus more successful adoption of new technologies (coming soon.)

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Foster collaboration with respect to sourcing, evaluating and purchasing technology.

  • Use the platform to keep partners and staff up-to-date on the firm’s perspective on technologies they are curious about.
  • Leverage collaboration tools enabling users across the firm to share their opinions and experiences.
  • For the benefit of you and your vendors, funnel users’ suggestions for new features or functionality.
  • Give authority to select users to purchase on-platform
    pre-approved products as and when needs arise.

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Additional Benefits

Skilled Team

Our Customer Success Team is responsible for managing deployments of the Reynen Court platform. The team consists of Project Managers, Implementation Engineers and Service Desk Analysts as well as Application Experts to help you evaluate available cloud-based software solutions.

Responsible Parties

Each law firm or legal department is assigned a dedicated Project Manager responsible for the oversight and success of the customer’s deployment, and an Implementation Engineer responsible for platform installation and training.

On-going Support

Throughout the life-cycle of your relationship with Reynen Court, we provide 24x7 call center service and a robust online ticketing system as well as ongoing strategic engagement on our product roadmap and evolving priorities with respect to third-party applications.

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